GPP Representing Silesia at COP24

Black to Green is a regional session organized as part of the National Pavilion at the Katowice UN Climate Summit. Already on 8 December, representatives of science, local and government administration will present a variety of concepts for shaping an environmentally friendly and multifunctional urban space. As the only commercial participant of this panel, GPP Business Park will present its solution for a pro-ecological office complex.

As the organizers of the session emphasize, the over two-million industrial region constitutes a sui generis laboratory of transformation. The divergence from traditional heavy industry and the emergence of huge problems connected with reducing pollution show how multidimensional is the challenge that the area undergoing the transformation is to face. The theme which cannot be lacking in a debate on the aforementioned issues is the one regarding construction, which – in the broadest sense – consumes almost 40% of the energy correlated with CO2 emissions.

“During the Black to Green session we will be trying to put forward an idea that plus energy buildings for business and public use constitute friendly space not only for their direct users and the natural environment, but they are also – in economic terms – advantageous to their tenants or owners. As one of the highest rated office complexes in Europe, the GPP Business Park in Katowice is the best example of the above,” emphasizes Mirosław Czarnik, President of the Management Board of GPP Business Park.

COP24 participants will be able to learn what made the four office buildings, which were built in the post-industrial areas in the immediate vicinity of the centre of Katowice, a symbol of sustainable construction. The complex may boast with high ratings granted by international auditors, and one of the buildings, i.e. GOEPPERT-MAYER, received the prestigious BREEAM International certificate at the highest possible level of “Outstanding” as the first one in Poland. Soon to be opened, the Bloch office building will meet the requirements of energy efficiency in the area of ventilation, heating and hot water treatment. This means that it will produce more cogenerated heat than its annual heating demand.

“In GPP we prove that ‘green’ does not have to mean ‘more expensive to use.’ We have developed solutions that reduce CO2 emissions while at the same time reducing operating costs. They are about 60% lower than in traditional buildings, which fail to provide such a high level of comfort as our facilities,” comments Mirosław Czarnik, President of the Management Board of GPP Business Park. “This is one of the reasons why dozens study tours from all over the world have been paying us visits for several years now. We hope that also in our country the stricter regulations on energy intensity which are coming into force in 2 years will act as a great stimulus for Polish investors,” adds President Czarnik.

GPP Business Park popularizes its green office building concepts also at other COP24 events. Yesterday, the EEC Green conference served as an opportunity to do so. During the summit, its participants are also visiting the complex in organized study tours.


Since 2005, GPP Business Park has been transforming post-industrial areas located in the immediate vicinity of Katowice city centre into a modern zone of economic activity and innovation oriented towards technological development in line with the pro-environmental trend.

The GOEPPERT-MAYER office building, which in 2012 opened the GPP Business Park project, as the first one in Poland received the prestigious, international BREEAM certificate at the “Outstanding” level.