The first Polish “plus-energy” office building, started to make its office spaces available for the first tenants. This most advanced building in the area of energy efficiency already meets the requirements, which will be in effect in Poland from January 2021. The investor has started the process of applying for the highest rating under the BREEAM certification – the only such rating in the country, for the building in use, has so far been given to one of Bloch’s three “neighbours” within GPP Business Park.

The fourth office building of GPP Business Park, named after yet another Silesian Nobel Prize winner, Konrad Bloch, is 7.3 thousand square meters of space on six above-ground and one underground level. The tenants who are just taking over most of this space are entities from the IT and logistics sectors.

– “Our offer is very often used by global clients. In such organizations, the process of selecting business and office space is significantly influenced by such elements as the cost of creating a particular workplace, the comfort of staying in the building and environmental friendliness. This is a more holistic approach to the lease process, which ultimately translates into a very clear cost optimization and greater work efficiency,” emphasizes Mirosław Czarnik, CEO of GPP Business Park.

To achieve such a level of sophistication, it is necessary to engage the latest technology and IT solutions. The solutions developed over the recent years were aimed at creating an optimal system of such elements as trigeneration that simultaneously generates – based on gas fuel – electricity, heat and cold, numerous energy efficiency solutions and a building management system powered by data from hundreds of sensors.

In the fourth facility, gas heat pumps and photovoltaic panels were also designed to supply energy to auxiliary equipment, such as pumps or fans.

As an addition, the Bloch building will be also energy-enhancing in the area of ventilation, heating and domestic hot water preparation. This means that it will produce more heat in combination with electricity, han its annual heating needs.

– GPP Business Park is at the moment the largest source of knowledge in the country on how to achieve energy efficiency of an investment project. This is important for at least two reasons.

First of all, soon – after the new, more strict standards will come into play – only such projects will be allowed for implementation. Secondly, the indicators covering cost and usability issues that we can be proud of, make our facilities commercialise almost at full, many months before the investment is closed. We are happy to share these experiences during the meetings with potential tenants and investors – explains Mirosław Czarnik, CEO of GPP Business Park.

The cost of the investment (including land development) is 44 million PLN. The general contractor of the investment is New Construction Concept. Further investments in the area, which is planned to be a completely new district of Katowice, is based on the Scandinavian smart city or “symbiocity” concept, are to be made in the coming years.


Since the 2005 GPP Business Park has been transforming post-industrial areas located near the centre of Katowice into modern zones of economic activity and innovation-oriented towards technological development in line with the pro-environmental trend.

The GOEPPERT-MAYER office building, which opened the GPP Business Park project in 2012, was the first in Poland to receive the prestigious BREEAM International Outstanding certificate.