GPP Business Park complex a safe place of work

For years it has been our priority to promote healthy and ecological lifestyles and care about people and the environment.  We are a pioneer in constructing user-friendly, intelligent and “energy plus” buildings. 

Three areas are crucial for the safety of people returning to work in offices:

  • compliance with the epidemic regime,
  • care of the hygiene of most often used spaces, 
  • control of the quality of air we breathe.

GPP Business Park is not designing and constructing the Complex – long before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the office buildings we installed devices to fully control air quality.  As a result, the air delivered to the rental spaces is characterised with parameters that are ideal for our functioning.   Adding silver ions to eliminate microorganisms is crucial in the air humidification technology. 


The humidity of the ventilation air is especially important to our health. Maintaining the humidity within the limits of 40-60% prevents viral infections. The optimum humidity of the air we breathe maintains proper moisture of mucous membranes that form a natural protective barrier against viral infections. Additionally, such humidified air prevents the development of microorganisms.  Both in dry air (with relative humidity up to 20%) and in humid air (with relative humidity of about 80%), most viruses stay active for 2 days.  In the air of relative humidity of about 50%, less than 1% of viruses are capable of living after 2 days.

The priority treatment of air quality at the GPP Business Park Complex supports the elimination of a smog hazard. 

With ongoing quality control and appropriate filtration of the air delivered to the buildings we largely eliminated both risk factors. 


In order to assure the safety and health protection of employees and visitors to the GPP Business Park Complex, a number of measures have been implemented compliant with the applicable epidemic regulations:

  • in reception halls free face masks have been provided,
  • at access control gates, automatic devices for temperature measurement have been installed.ha Additionally, the receptions have been provided with contactless thermometers.  All persons entering the GPP Business Park Complex are subject to mandatory body temperature measurement. A procedure has been developed in case of an increased body temperature of a person wishing to enter the site. 
  • employees and visitors of the facilities have access to automatic and contactless hand disinfection stations,  
  • an increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection of common spaces, with specific focus on various surfaces (door handles, lift buttons, entry gates and reception counter) and textile mats, 
  • outside the Complex, additional spaces were designated for smokers in order to reduce the number of people using the previous smoking locations.

For our common good, during the epidemic it is important that all of us adapt our habits to the modified procedures and rules of functioning. It is crucial to change habits in office facilities, in particular at sensitive places (such as lifts, reception halls or toilets). Valid instructions, procedures and behaviour algorithms have been sent by e-mail to the Tenants.  Information posters were placed in common spaces.  It is our duty – along with all other users – to comply with good practices of cooperation and stay within common and generally accessible spaces.