New services for tenants of GPP Business Park

Having listened to our Tenants’ expectations and wishes, we implemented additional facilities to enhance the comfort of the GPP Business Park Complex users.

We started cooperation with InPost and as a result a parcel box was installed at entry A to the Complex.

In the Bloch building, a new restaurant “Za drzwiami” and a “Żabka” grocery store will be opened by the end of the year.  

In the space between the Goeppert-Mayer and Stern and Alder and Bloch buildings two smoking rooms were located that will be the sole smoking spaces once restrictions on gatherings are lifted. 

In order to popularise alternative means of transportation, make movements nicer and more differentiated, and to facilitate parking in the city centre, we purchased electrical bicycles and an electrical car to be rented on preferential terms to our Tenants. 

Additionally, in order to enhance the technical facilities for cyclists, two bicycle repair stations were installed at the Complex. 

Future investments include the construction of two generally accessible electrical vehicle charging stations to be located at entry A (vis-a-vis the visitor car park) and on the car park of the Bloch building yard (back side – eastern façade).

We stay together.