Electric car and electric bikes for GPP Business Park Tenants

In order to promote a healthy and ecological lifestyle, we have prepared for the Tenants of the GPP Business Park complex the possibility to rent:

  • electric bikes,
  • electric car.

We provide Tenants of the complex two city electric women’s bikes and two men’s bikes. A bicycle parking lot is located at the entrance to the Goeppert-Mayer office building. The bicycles can be used for business and private purposes. It is possible to rent bikes for weekend trips outside the city or to the mountains.

In addition, we offer the MINI Cooper SE Hatch, an electric car whose parking space and charging station are located right next to the Bazylia 4U Restaurant, next to the GPP1 Office Building. We believe that it will facilitate access to the city center for business meetings or further business trips.

Vehicle rental fees must be paid in cash, but ultimately a payment terminal will appear at the reception of the Goeppert-Mayer office building.

We encourage you to rent vehicles and wish you successful, ecological trips!