Fitness club Gym For You has been reopened

The Gym For You fitness club and gym operating in the GPP Business Park complex were reopened on October 1, 2020.

• The club is open from Monday to Friday from 6-22, and on weekends from 8-18.

• There are several zones for exercising with machines: functional, free weights and cardio, as well as space for fitness classes.

• The club will organize group classes, the schedule of which can be found on the website and the club’s profile on Facebook

• It is possible to exercise with a personal trainer.

• A special price offer has been prepared for GPP Business Park tenants: open pass for PLN 99 / month.

• For people from outside the GPP Business Park complex:
– open subscription for 30 days without a binding contract at the price of PLN 149,
– a pass for entry until 2:30 pm – PLN 89,
– an annual contract at the price of PLN 109 / month.

• There is an entry fee of PLN 50 for each new contract.

• Benefit Multisport, OK System and Fit Profit cards are respected in the club.

• All sanitary requirements resulting from the state of the COVID-19 epidemic are complied with in the club. You will find here disinfection stations, the cabinets are disinfected after each use. The number of people participating in fitness classes has been reduced. Some exercise machines have been excluded from use due to the need to keep a distance.

We invite you and wish you satisfying training!