Why GPP Business Park is a unique place?

30% higher comfort of work thanks to great air quality in offices, which is humidified to an optimal level of 40-60%. In the process of air humidification, silver ions are used to eliminate the growth of microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold. Excellent air quality is important not only now during a pandemic, but on any other day when air standards are far from normal.

Over 50% lower utility costs and 50% reduced energy consumption compared to standard buildings thanks to innovative energy-saving technologies: trigeneration, photovoltaics, gas heat pumps and energy recovery elevators.

• 60% lower energy consumption thanks to an energy-saving lighting system with light intensity sensors, integrated with automatically controlled blinds. Access to daylight in all office spaces.

• Our office buildings emit 75% less CO2 into the air compared to standard office buildings.

• All office buildings have been awarded the BREEAM International certificate. It is the most valued method in Europe for assessing buildings in terms of their environmental friendliness and comfort of the future user, and at the same time sets standards for sustainable design. The Goeppert-Mayer office building was the first building in Poland to receive this certificate at the highest Outstanding level.

• The Bloch office building is the only plus-energy office building in Poland (in the area of ​​heating, ventilation and hot water preparation), which means that it produces more energy than it needs.

• In order to restore biodiversity to the post-industrial area, we planted native plant species in the GPP Business Park area, and green sedum plants appeared on the roofs. We installed bird and bat boxes as well as insect hotels. We also have an apiary on the roof of the Bloch office building.

• GPP Business Park tenants can use an electric car and electric bikes (also for weekend trips outside the city).

The offer of the GPP Business Park complex definitely stands out on the office market in Poland. The use of innovative technologies, lower media costs and high work comfort create a unique combination that has not been offered by anyone on the market so far. The awareness of companies regarding the condition of the natural environment is also growing, which is why they are more and more willing to choose ecological office buildings that are part of their pro-environmental activities.

Conscious tenants know that system solutions and sustainable construction using energy-saving technologies and a significant reduction of CO2 emissions are able to bring a real change in the state of the natural environment.

The pandemic and the growing interest in home office resulted in a change in the demand for office space in many companies. To meet these expectations, the new Eco City Katowice complex, which is currently under construction, will be equipped with an open, three-storey coworking zone of 1,800 sq.m, which will create a unique place to work for approx. 250 people.

We constantly put people and their needs in the first place. We create comfortable workplaces in the pro-environmental trend. We listen to the needs of our tenants and meet them. We believe that the enormous advantages of ecological office buildings will make sustainable construction the obvious choice.