GPP Business Park

Since 2005 our Company has been transforming post-industrial areas that are located at the borders of the cities of Katowice and Siemianowice Śląskie. We have created a zone of modern business activities and innovations that are focused on technological development which is compliant with a pro-environmental approach.

Revitalisation activities pursued by us

to give new usage values to areas destroyed by industry are carried out on the basis of sustainable development. An example of which is the construction of GPP Business Park, an energy-efficient office complex.


  • We rent modern, energy-efficient office spaces
  • We co-ordinate operations of the First Polish Cluster of Passive and Energy Saving Construction.
  • We manage a modern depot in which we rent office and warehouse space.
  • We actively support and promote the development of sustainable construction using trigeneration (CCHP) technologies, already meeting the standards for buildings that will be applicable in the European Union after 2020.

We are open to all kinds of cooperation, please call us to find out more.