Energy sources


Gas heat pumps

The newest office building has been named “KONRAD BLOCH”

Improvements you can find in “KONRAD BLOCH” office building

  • The use of trigeneration and heat pumps to obtain a positive effect on energy and heat.
  • The use of photovoltaic panels to increase energy capacity production using renewable energy sources.
  • The use of improved building materials with a lower penetration rate.
  • Optimization of the proprietary BMS (Building Management System) system by improving the hierarchy of available sources and placing controls for blinds, lighting and ventilation of office space in one network. This allows for increased energy efficiency and to better adapt the system for the needs of the tenants.

Complete Space
7 300 m2

Number of floors above ground

Ground level parking spaces

Space for rent still avilable
1045 m2

Number of floors above ground
1045 m2

Parking space ratio

Floors divided typically in
2 or 4 modules

Common space area ratio

Numer of lifts

Number of underground floors

Underground parking spaces

Number of workspaces per floor
1045m² – 150

Dawid Śliwa
Prezes Zarządu, New Construction Concept spółka z o.o. spółka komandytowa

The participation in the construction of four office buildings for GPP gave us the opportunity to test pioneering technologies at the investment and use stages. Thanks to the requirements set by a conscious investor, we have developed complete solutions that resulted in noticeably lower costs of use, and a lot improved working and leisure conditions. This is a new building concept.
The change in regulations on efficiency and energy efficiency are a great opportunity for both building owners and their tenants.
The reduction of usage costs determines the institution’s long-term budgets. On the other hand, we provide users with an appropriate microclimate, fresh air, access to lighting, in the other word a comfort, which can only be dreamed of in a traditional approach towards office space construction and management. The key to using the opportunities that are just emerging is realizing those aspects exist.


Wojciech Machowski
V-ce Prezes Zarządu, Swegon Sp. z o.o.

The success of the GPP Business Park project is first and foremost an uncompromising selection of all building infrastructure components and a smart combination of them into one – the modern office building. Building controlled and maintained by an intelligent, and thus ‘learning’, BMS system. We were a part of this endeavour from the very beginning. It gave us a lot of satisfaction that in each of the four office buildings, the investor’s choice fell on the most modern and energy-saving solutions from our offer. These include GOLD air handling units with heat recovery and built-in control system, low-pressure water humidifiers, chillers with free-cooling function, and induction cooling and heating beams system.


Łukasz Sajewicz
Dyrektor ds. Klientów Strategicznych, Viessmann Polska

The longtime cooperation of very experienced partners has allowed for the use of top world quality standards and solutions in the construction of the GPP Business Park. The system used in the Bloch office building that has just been put into use, that consists of 2 gas engines with an absorption system, means an extremely flexible trigeneration system. In addition, the use of photovoltaics and gas heat pumps has resulted in a very high degree of energy independence, with optimal operating costs. The GPP Business Park building systems allow for a flexible response to tenants’ needs, weather changes as well as turbulence related to the electricity trading market.


Adrian Staszczyszyn
Architect Associate,
group-arch sp. z o.o.

The uniqueness of the GPP Business Park office building complex lies mainly in the technologies used.  Those, from the very beginning, anticipated and were ahead of future EU regulations regarding broadly understood issues of energy efficiency and passivity. Achieving this level of sophistication is the result of choosing the right building materials, using a trigeneration system, heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, and ending with an extensive BMS system. Thanks to such a conscious approach, GPP Business Park is largely self-sufficient while maintaining high comfort of use for all people.

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