First Polish Cluster of Passive and Energy Saving Construction

The Members of the Cluster intend to develop co-operation in terms of design, construction, and management of sustainable and energy saving buildings. We reach that objective by combining resources of individual Members of the Cluster and joint, consistent strive to acquire knowledge, mainly empirical, in the field of energy saving construction and its promotion and provision to the market in the form of comprehensive services which warrant achievement of the parameters assumed at the design stage.

Operations of the Cluster focus around the following areas:

Construction of an energy saving building:

The Project has assumed:

  • application of the latest HVAC solutions,
  • utilisation of diversified sources of energy,
  • monitoring of the applied technologies to formulate practical conclusions,
  • installation and examination of the trigeneration (CCHP) system that provides for gas-fuelled production of electricity, heat, and chill,
  • use of grey rainwater,
  • recovery of heat from ventilation,
  • use of heat gains from external sources.

Equipment rental to the Cluster Members:

  • Drilling rig (drilling device on wheels by Nordmeyer model DSB 2/10, for drilling down to 200m for heat pumps and for executing hydro-geological, exploration and deposit drilling, and for geotechnical examinations and making hole injections, too).
  • Mobile laboratory (set of specialist equipment and programs used for advanced examination of energy efficiency of each building).
  • Mobile computer hardware together with specialist software for designing and conducting training.
  • Conference rooms offering top class multi-media equipment.

Energy audits:

The Cluster shall meet expectations of all those who seriously think about energy saving awareness and are interested in buildings’ thermal efficiency improvement. A varied group of experts and a specialist equipment pool allow us:

  • complex verification of the building’s thermal condition,
  • technical and economic analysis of the structure’s condition presented in a detailed report,
  • determination of a plan of actions in the form of a schedule of works and expenditures,
  • development of a mode of financing thermal efficiency improvement works,
  • performance of thermal efficiency improvement works, control of microclimate in rooms and other assumed parameters.


the idea of passive and energy saving construction by organising conferences, training, courses, and seminars and creation of own web site as a platform for information exchange.


actions by Cluster Members who are preparing themselves to actively participate in the process of issuance of energy performance certificates by organising training related to those topics.


research and analysis in terms of energy demand for building heating and air-conditioning.

The fourth Konrad Bloch building in the complex

will be a plus energy building in terms of its heating, or it shall produce more heat combined with electricity than its demand for energy for heating, ventilation, and utility hot water purposes. Furthermore, the designed demand for the building’s primary energy is as little as 30% compared to a reference building and close to 50% in terms of strict regulations that shall come into force after 2021 (and such value for example exceeds the BREEAM certification requirements with regard to the highest rating). The total volume of primary energy for the designed building amounts to 57. According to the standards that shall be applicable as from 2021 that value should not exceed 115. Currently, it stands at 185.

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