The major purpose of the investment project is implementation of unique technologies and energy saving systems for managing usable areas in the office building development by the company. The systems have been designed on the basis of trigeneration (CCHP), renewable energy sources and smart management (BMS).  

As a result a system that is unique on a European scale together with the building will be developed being an effect of combining experiences GPP Business Park relating to the investment projects completed so far that are based on trigeneration and passive buildings with updated expertise in energy saving construction systems, renewable energy sources and building management. GPP Business Park shall complete the fourth investment project, where each subsequent one has been characterised by introduction of improvements resulting from own research and experience, and also focusing on increasing the user’s comfort.

The Konrad Bloch Office Building shall be significantly improved in comparison to the previously constructed office developments that are located in GPP Business Park. The Goeppert-Mayer, Stern, and Alder Office Buildings have systems that use cogeneration producing electricity and heat by using a gas-fuelled turbine and gas-operated heat pumps.

Improvements in the Konrad Bloch Building:

  1. Use of trigeneration and heat pumps to achieve an electricity and heat plus effect.
  2. Application of photovoltaic panels to increase energy production capabilities by using renewable energy sources.
  3. Application of improved construction materials with a lower heat transfer coefficient.
  4. Optimisation of the in-house developed BMS.

Features of the BLOCH Office Building:

  • Energy and heat plus building
  • Environment-friendly development
  • Much lower building maintenance costs
  • More comfort for the users
  • Increase air quality norms
  • Smart building managed by BMS
  • Building satisfying standards of international law concerning sustainable development policy
  • Low-emission building

The fourth Konrad Bloch Building in the complex


will be a plus energy building in terms of its heating, or it shall produce more heat combined with electricity than its demand for energy for heating, ventilation, and utility hot water purposes. Furthermore, the designed demand for the building’s primary energy is as little as 30% compared to a reference building and close to 50% in terms of strict regulations that shall come into force after 2021 (and such value for example exceeds the BREEAM certification requirements with regard to the highest rating). The total volume of primary energy for the designed building amounts to 57. According to the standards that shall be applicable as from 2021 that value should not exceed 115. Currently, it stands at 185