Transport alternatives

We are constantly working on creating new, alternative ways of transport for all people working in GPP Business Park.

Our priority is to convince as many people as possible that their own car – especially if it is used by one person – is a solution that can be replaced by others. This will reduce our carbon footprint, reduce traffic jams and, for example, improve our physical condition and wellbeing by choosing a bicycle.

This is one of the reasons why we are developing our program, which we have called “GPP #greenprint.”


We treat GPP #greenprint as an open set of activities aimed at promoting and implementing the principles of energy efficiency in every aspect of the office and business centre and everyone who stays there.

Bicycle transport

Public transport

car sharing

You work at GPP Business Park?

Share information about our program and collect at the reception desk of your office building free card: nextbike or ŚKUP 🙂


bicycle Transport

Bicycles have been present in GPP Business Park practically from the very beginning. Along with the development of the complex, there are new facilities and incentives to use this means of transport. Currently, all our tenants and guests visiting GPP can use the city bike station, covered parking lots for private bicycles and a repair shop for their bikes.

Each employee also has the opportunity to use the shower and changing rooms upon arrival.
to work on a bicycle.

Multisport cardholders travel by city bike every day for 60 minutes free of charge.

public transport

The location of GPP Business Park in the close vicinity of the city centre naturally leads to the use of public means of transport – buses and trams. We have made every effort to optimise this accessibility even more. A bus stop serving two lines has been opened at the entrance to the complex.

We are only a few hundred meters away from larger interchanges: tram and bus stop.

However, we do not stop at ensuring access to public transport, we also run active campaigns promoting the least emission-intensive ways of travelling.

car sharing

One person coming to GPP in one car is average, it is a situation that we want to change consistently.
Change by showing alternatives that will reduce emissions, reduce traffic jams and bring relief to our wallets.

For those who want to spend less on commuting, we offer a system of associating people commuting to GPP from similar locations.

For those who have to travel during the working day – and in particular visit the crowded city centre – we are preparing an e-solution. We will present them soon 😉