At GPP Business Park we promote alternative transport, with special focus on cyclists. Since the very beginning we have cared that the complex is easily reached and that there should be places to park. Our endeavours have been supported by municipal authorities owing to whom we may be proud today that there is a cycling path along Konduktorska Street leading to the complex. In 2016 we joined the “City by bike” programme by launching a bicycle rental shop that fully co-operates with urban bicycle stations. We have developed a full swing infrastructure for cyclists that comprises:

  • above-ground bicycle parking lot that is located behind the entrance gate leading to the GPP Business Park at the security guard station, divided in to 2 bicycle storage sheds under which apart from bicycles other two-wheeled vehicles may also be parked
  • underground bicycle parking lot with access control located along the access road to the underground parking next to the Stern and Alder Buildings. This parking lot is allocated for cyclists only.

Each person commuting to work by bicycle may use a changing room and showers in the part with sanitary and social amenities located at the ground floor of the Stern Building. The above-mentioned services are provided at the reception desk of the Gym for You fitness club.

The rules governing the use of the above parking places and showers and the changing rooms for cyclists are available in the Procedure of Using Parking Places for Bicycles, Changing Rooms, and Car-Sharing that you will find in the FILES TO DOWNLOAD tab.

Should you have any questions, please contact the GPP Business Park Reception Desk
Phone: +48 32 781 20 03